Donator Ranks

You can purchase a rank to support the server and in-turn gain exclusive perks. In order to help keep the server running and provide new updates, we need donations to pay for our expenses.
You can purchase a rank, or if you already own a rank you can upgrade from the existing one. With every rank you gain all the previous rank's perks.


  • Cost: $5
  • Kits
    • /kit VIP
  • Perks
    • Access to /enderchest: access your enderchest on the go.
    • Access to /afk: let people know when you're afk.
    • Access to /extinguish: extinguish any fire on you.
    • Access to /pv 1
    • Access to VIP /rewards
    • Access to /nick
    • Access to show off your items in chat. [item]
    • Ability to disguise as a pig, sheep, chicken, horse, rabbit, spider, and ocelot
    • Access to 12 extra homes
  • VIP suffix


  • Cost: $10
  • Kits
    • /kit VIP+
  • Perks
    • Access to /hat: put any block or item on your head with.
    • Access to /workbench: access a crafting table from anywhere.
    • Access to /pv 1 and /pv 2
    • Access to VIP+ /rewards
    • Ability to disguise as a wolf, slime, witch, villager, and bat
    • Ability to create colored signs
    • Access to 15 extra homes
    • Ability to use sponges for lava
  • VIP+ suffix


  • Cost: $20
  • Kits
    • /kit Premium
  • Perks
    • Access to /fix: return any item to full durability for $1,000.
    • Access to /me: roleplay by describing your actions.
    • Access to /invsee player: look into anyone's inventory to see what they have (can't edit).
    • Access to /skull playername: spawn heads of other players.
    • Access to /setwarp ($7,250 each)
    • Access to /pv 1-3
    • Access to Premium /rewards
    • Ability to disguise as a snowman, iron golem, guardian, enderman, and blaze
    • Access to 20 extra homes
  • Prem suffix


  • Cost: $40
  • Kits
    • /kit Platinum
  • Perks
    • Access to /kittycannon
    • Access to /top
    • Access to /fly: permanent access to fly.
    • Access to /feed: replenish your hunger once every 5 minutes.
    • Access to /pv 1-4
    • Access to Platinum /rewards
    • Ability to disguise as any mob
    • Access to 20 extra homes
    • Ability to teleport with no cooldown
  • Plat suffix


  • Cost: $60
  • Kits
    • /kit Elite
  • Perks
    • Access to /heal: instantly heal yourself once every 5 minutes.
    • Access to /recipe
    • Acces to /condense: turn items into blocks.
    • Acces to /book: reopen and edit sealed books.
    • Access to /elag: get the server tps (ticks per second). This shows if the server is lagging.
    • Access to /elytra: get 1 free elytra once a month.
    • Access to /heads
    • Access to /trash: opens up the disposal menu, removes any item you put into it.
    • Access to /pv 1-5
    • Access to Elite /rewards
    • Access to 30 extra homes
    • Ability to create [Disposal] sings
    • Ability to create [Warp] sings
    • Ability to create [Elevator] signs
  • Elite suffix