The marriage plugin allows you to marry another player on the server and gain some extra boosts.

When near your partner you will gain a small XP boost and your health will regenerate faster.


/marry marry <player> Sends a marry request to another player.

/marry list Lists all married players.

/marry divorce Leave your partner.

/marry chat <message> Private chat with your partner.

/marry chattoggle Toggles your chat to be private with your partner.

/marry tp Teleports you to your partner.

/marry sethome Create a shared home with your partner.

/marry delhome Deletes your shared home.

/marry home Teleports you to your shared home.

/marry pvpon Changes PvP status with your partner.

/marry gift Gifts the item in your hand to your partner.

/marry kiss Kiss your partner.

/marry hug Hug your partner.

/marry seen Shows when your partner was online for the last time.

/marry setcolor Sets the color of the marriage.

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