Jobs is the main way to gain money on the server, depending on what job you join you will gain money for doing certain actions. As a Castaway, you are only able to join one job, but as you rankup you will gain the ability to join more jobs.

The jobs use a leveling system, for each action you gain a certain amount of jobs xp. Each time you rankup your job, you will gain more money and xp from that job. Leveling up your job will also increase your jobs limit.

Your jobs limit is the maximum amount of money you can gain in a 12 hour period, once you've reached the limit you will no longer be able to earn more money (but still gain jobs xp) until those 12 hours are over.


/job Opens a GUI that displays all the available jobs. You can view more information about the job by left-clicking on it, you can join the join by right-clicking it, or you can leave the job by middle-clicking it.

/jobs limit Shows the maximum amount of money you can earn in 12 hours.

/jobs stats Show your jobs levels and the xp. You can left-click the xp bar to view the payouts for each action.

/jobs gtop Shows the global top list of jobs. The level is calculated by adding all the separate job levels together.

/jobs top <job name> Shows the top players for the given job.

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