ArtMap allows players to create and share unique artworks in-game. Simply do /artmap in game to get a guide or read what I've written below.

Getting Started

First craft an easel and canvas.

Once crafted place the easel somewhere on the ground then right click the easel with a canvas. Once you mount your canvas on the easel, you can right-click to ride the easel and begin painting.


To paint, click the Canvas with different dyes. Right-Click and drag to draw lines and curves. You can also double click with a Bucket and a dye in your offhand to fill in an area. To darken pixels a right-click the pixel with coal, to lighten pixels right-click with a feather. To flip the painting horizontally left-click it with a compass, to flip the painting vertically right-click it with a compass. To grab a color left-click the pixel with a sponge, right-click with the sponge to paint with the color.

Press shift to dismount, or use /artmap save title to save and retrieve your artwork.

Viewing Artworks

To view the artwork of other players do /artmap and click the last item in the menu called Artworks. Once in the next GUI, click on the head of who's artwork you'd like to see, and then simply click the artwork and you'll be able to view it in your offhand.


/artmap Displays the help menu.

/artmap save title Saves your work. Title must be between 3 and 16 characters, and contain only letters, numbers, or underscores.

/artmap delete title Deletes your artwork. All copies of this artwork will also be deleted.

/artmap preview title Preview an artwork of any player.

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