Custom Enchantments

Custom Enchantments offer a unique experience for players. All custom enchants can either be applied to tools, weapons or armor pieces and provide specials perk or effects.

Getting Started

Custom enchantment charges can be obtained in the CE menu (/ce). You can either chose to buy a Common or a Legendary custom enchantment charge. A common custom enchantment charge will cost you 2,500 experience and a legendary custom enchantment charge will cost you 5,000 experience. Right-click the enchantment charge to get a random custom enchantment.

To add this custom enchantment to your item, simply drag and drop the custom enchantment onto the item. If the custom enchantment fails only the custom enchantment will be lost (so not the item).

To increase the success rate of a custom enchantment you'll have to use magic dust, simply drag and drop the magic dust onto the custom enchantment.

Magic dust can be obtained by tinkering custom enchantments you don't need. To tinker a custom enchantments open up the tinkerer with /tinkerer and right-click the custom enchantment in your inventory. Left-click the glass pane in the top left of the GUI twice to receive secret dust. Right-click the secret dust to either get Magic Dust or Mystery Dust. Mystery Dust does not have any use.

Viewing Custom Enchantments

Common and Mythic custom enchantments can be viewed by opening the ce menu (/ce) and then right-clicking either one of the nether stars. Then just hover over the items to read about them.

Divine custom enchantments can not be viewed in the menu and can only be obtained from crates or quests. There are 1 Divine custom enchantments.

Hefty: Gain a bonus 2 hearts. Chestplate + Elytra enchantment.


There are 6 different essences that can be used to customize your equipment. The first 5 can only be obtained from crates or quests.

Grinding Essence: Tracks how many mob kills you have with a weapon. Mining Essence: Track how many blocks you've broken with a tool. Kill Essence: Track how many player kills you have with a weapon. Organization Essence: Organizes enchants by rarity on an item and adds the lore count to the name. Rename Essence: Rename and customize your equipment. Colors and other fonts such as bold, underline, etc. can be used. To rename your equipment, right-click the rename essence, hold your equipment in your main hand and type the name in chat. To add colors in the name you must use color codes that start with the symbol & followed by a letter or number.

This 6th essence can be bought in the /ce menu for $25,000. When you buy one you receive a division essence with a random percentage.

Division Essence: Removes a random custom enchantment from an item and converts it into a custom enchantment charge.

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