Chest Shops

Chest Shops are used for buying and/or selling items to other players, mostly commonly used for bulk quantities of items.


Simply right-click the sign to buy items, or left-click the sign to sell items. If the chest is full, or you don't have the item in your inventory it will tell you with a chat message.

If you own a chest shop, it will notify you when someone is selling items to you or when your chest shop is out of stock.

How to setup a chest shop

  1. Place either a chest, barrel, or shulker box down.

  2. Place a sign on the container.

  3. On the sign, write:

    1. The first line will automatically be filled with your name by the plugin, so leave it blank.

    2. The second line is the amount of items you want to buy or sell.

    3. The third line is a combination of buy and sell prices using a price indicator.

      • Buy Indicator - 'B' this price will apply to items that you Buy. [The chest shop owner is selling these items]

      • Sell Indicator - 'S' this price will apply to items that you Sell. [The chest shop owner is buying these items]

      • You can use both indicators on one sign by using a colon (:) to separate the indicators.

    4. The forth line will hold the name of the item.

      • Write ? on the sign for the sign to be auto filled with the item placed into the chest or click on the sign with the item afterwards.

      • You can also put the actual item name on it. The item name can be found by holding the item and doing /iteminfo.

Example: A person can buy 64 blaze rods for 10 dollars and sell them back for 5 dollars from Biliap.


/cstoggle Disable messages from your shop(s).

/iteminfo Get information about the item in your hand.

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