Silk Touch Spawners

On Venture Survival, you have the ability to pick up any spawner with a pickaxe if it has the silk touch enchantment.


Player vaults or personal vaults are just like ender chests, just much bigger. Open up a player vault with /pv <number> and put in whatever!


With /nick <nickname> you can give yourself a custom name. If you have a donator rank you can also use colors in your nickname.

To add colors in your name you must use color codes that start with the symbol & followed by a letter or number. (You can also use HEX colors!)


Battle against anyone as long as both players have PvP enabled. To enable PvP do /pvp on, to disable do /pvp off.

Light Level

Doing /ll will show you red or yellow particles on the ground, depending on which mode you chose the particles have other meanings.

  • All - Displays red and yellow particles to show where hostile entities can spawn.

  • LightLevel - Displays the same as normal, but with green particles for where hostile entities cannot spawn.

  • Spawnable - Displays the same as inclusive, but with a smooth gradient between each change.


To check your in-game balance you can either do /bal or press tab and it will show all the way at the top. Paying another player can be done with /pay <player>. To see the richest players on the server do /baltop, filter trough the pages using /baltop <pageNumber>.

Disposal signs

Disposal sings can only be created by players that have the elite rank. Creating one is simple, place a sign down and put [Disposal] on the first line you may write anything else on the remaining 3 lines.


This command is only accessible for players with manager or up, it shows who is around you in a certain radius.

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