To easily move around the map and to other players there are quite a few teleportation commands.


/sethome <name> Set a home with a custom name. The higher your rank, the more homes you can create.

/homes Shows all your homes that you have set.

/delhome <name> Remove a home.


/warps <pageNumber> Shows a list of all available warps.

/warp <name> Teleport to a warp.

/setwarp <name> Create a warp where you are standing. Only available for CEO and up, and premium and up. Setting a warp costs $7,250.

Warp Signs Players with the elite rank can create warp sings. To create one, place down a sign and put [Warp] on the first line, then put the warp name on the second line.

Player teleportation

/back Teleport back to the last location you teleported from.

/wild Teleport to a random spot on the map.

/tpa <player> Send a teleport request to a player.

/tpdeny Deny a teleport request.

/tpcancel Cancel a teleport request.

/tpaccept Accept a teleport request.

/tpahere <player> Request that a player teleports to you.

/tptoggle Toggle players ability to teleport to you.

/top Teleports you to the highest block at your current location. Command only available for platinum and up.


Elevators are only available for players who have elite. To crate an elevator place down a sign, on the first line write [Elevator], on the second line either write Up or Down. An elevator will teleport you to the closest free space either above or below you, depending on which one you made.

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